Our industrial organisation is certified

ISO 9001, EN9100, PART 21G, PART 145, FAR 145.ISO

We guarantee the quality of our products through the following vectors :

  • Qualified teams of employees ;
  • Efficient control of our processes (already validated by FAI/DVI/RPA) ;
  • Guaranteed traceability ;
  • Continuous monitoring of our processes.

The conformity of our delivered or internal products is regularly monitored.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we are implementing initiatives such as “Lean” on worksites of typeVSM (Value stream mapping), 5S, tools for self-inspection (check-list), ‘defect libraries, Poka Yoke that contribute to our objectives of constant improvement to guarantee our customer service (OTD/OQD).

As part of our sub-contracting operations, the quality and punctuality of our services are ensured by our project monitoring, training of our production teams and the validation of all processes by our quality department. And finally, our industrial organisation ensures the final validation of each element.